MSP Military Show Rules



Welcome to our Military Antique and Weapons Collectors Show and we hope the dealers have a good show.  In cooperation in helping us to achieve this, we ask that you observe the following rules:

  1. After you unload, please park as far away from the building as you can on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so as to allow the public to come and purchase items from you. Parking is at a premium and, therefore, please observe this rule.
  2. All firearms that are brought on the Fairgrounds must be cased and tied with bolt open to show clear of any ammunition. No clips may be in the weapons, unless the bolt is open.  Therefore, if you have friends or if you are transporting a firearm out of the building, please observe this rule.  The police will enforce it if they observe you without a case.
  3. There is no live ammunition, black powder or any type of explosive or flammable device allowed on the premises of the show.
  4. No unsheathed blade, sword, or other sharp object shall be displayed without some form of protection from the public, either in taping the blade or putting the blade behind an obstacle such as plastic and a sign should be attached indicating the blade is not to be picked up without the consent of the table holder. We don’t want anyone to get hurt by picking up a blade that is not sheathed so we want you to have some control over the object.
  5. You will obey all applicable State and Federal laws in the sale of any and all firearms. You agree further not to bring into the leased premises any weapons that are banned by State or Federal law, no explosives of any kind or nature or any item that may be deemed dangerous to anyone in the leased premises.  (The Management of the leased premises has the sole discretion of what is deemed a dangerous item@). If Management deems the item(s) dangerous, you will immediately remove the item(s) from the premises.  If you fail to do so, you will be immediately removed from the leased premises and any rents you have paid will be forfeited.
  6. All firearms on display within the hall must have their bolts open and their triggers secured. Please check your weapons to make sure there is no live ammunition within that weapon when it is brought into the hall and that the live ammunition stays in your vehicle or at home.  Please report any safety violation to the management.
  7. The hall is open to the public on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Dealers may enter the building 1 hour before the scheduled opening on each day.
  8. You must wear your badge at all times to exit and enter the show and as an additional security precau­tion so we may determine that you are a dealer.
  9. You are totally responsible for the security of your table area and any losses thereof and any item that you brought into the premises. We would ask you to watch your belongings carefully and if you leave your table and when you close, please cover your table. Please report any security violation to the management. You are solely responsible for all belongings at your table and/or area.
  10. The State of Minnesota, Department of Revenue, requires each participant in the show to either have a Minnesota Sales Tax Number or to have filled out a form indicating why he does not need a Minnesota Sales Tax Number.
  11. Management reserves the sole right and discretion to approve all items for display. If in the opinion of the management an item is illegal, unsafe or otherwise not within the context of the theme of the show, immediate removal of the item will be necessary. If any and all of the rules are not followed, management has the right to ask that person to leave and if they refuse to ask the legal authorities to assist them in that person’s removal.
  12. There is no smoking in the leased premises.
  13. Any conduct that the Management deems to be offensive to other lessors or customers shall be immediately ceased upon notice or Management has the right to remove the lessee from the leased premises and the rent will be forfeited.
  14. Management reserves the right to solely determine what may be objectionable or offensive material, displays, items, and management will ask table holder to remove those items from the rented space. If they refuse to remove the requested items, Management reserves the right to cancel the table and ask the tenant to leave without refund of their rent.


This show is a production of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Military Relic & Collectors Show LLC



I AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE ABOVE RULES:             _______________________________________________

Tenant                                                               Date

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