Stop by our Veterans Corner and sit down and talk with other veterans – it’s a great opportunity to swap stories and experiences!

Recap and Highlights of 2018 Shows

  • DON’T MISS: On display inside a fully reconditioned 1945 Willis MB Jeep. Patton said “It was the vehicle that won WWII”
  • Advance Guard Militaria. It is our pleasure to have Advance Guard at our Show which is rated as one of the finest, most comprehensive Militaria collectible companies in the nation.  They have very special items from all periods and from many countries.
  • King and Country Miniature Militaria. King and Country is the premier dealer in hand-made military miniatures for virtually all periods in all wars.  These hand-made hand painted miniatures are all beautifully done, authentic, and are for sale and display at our Show.
  • Vince Parker, Tail Gunner on a B17 1943-1945, he is 96 years old, sharp as a tack, he would love to tell you about his experiences and show his pictures and one of the remaining few Air Crew that is still alive from WWII.
  • Imperial German Medal Display
  • Display of Minnesota Veterans that Served at D-DAY 1944 and their stories by the Minnesota Military Museum at Fort Ripley.
  • 34th Division WWII Uniforms.

We are always looking for collections or specific items that you may have to display at our show.  Please contact Tom at (612) 868-6242 or email at

Attention Public Information:

We will allow no loaded firearms, no live ammunition, no black powder or explosives, and all weapons must be checked, including conceal and carry weapons upon entry into our Show by our security. 

No photography, recording or cell cameras or other devices of a picture taking are allowed in the facility.

The public should be aware of the Federal Rules and Regulations of buy and selling of firearms.  If they have questions in this regard, they can contact the ATF at for specific information.

Any firearm brought into our show or purchased at the Show must be cased.  If you do not have a case, a case may be purchased at Minnesota Weapons for $2.00 in the adjoining building.  

All firearm laws are enforced by the Dealers in our facility.

Any sword, knife or other sharp weaponry must be cased to be brought into the facility.  If you have any questions, please ask at the door.

Show Dates & Location

September 28-29 2019 – Minnesota State Fairgrounds – Wonders of Technology Building

Time Left To Show

Show Venue & Contact Info

Military Show Map

Reserve a Table


Dealers, the Show opens up for set-up on Friday between 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. before the weekend of the Show.  The check-in door is at the rear of the building and we will have a table set up to check in each dealer and give out dealer pins.  As part of the check-in procedure, you will need to pay all table and space rents, sign the contract, and provide us with an executed Minnesota Department of Revenue Operator Certificate of Compliance if you do not already have one on file.  We will advise you in advance if you already have a Certificate of Compliance on file.

The rear door and east side door is used for unloading and the front door and west doors cannot be used for that.

At the end of the Show, all doors may be used for breaking down and loading.

2019 Tax Info & Form


I have enclosed the Minnesota Department of Revenue Operator’s Certificate, which is required to be filled out and provided to us before you enter the Show.  It does not have to be done each Show and this form is kept in our records and is not sent to the State of Minnesota.  In 36 years of operating the Show, we have had one sales tax audit.  The State requires us to have an Operator’s Certificate signed by you or a sales tax number in our possession for each Show.    We do not send them to the State.

Please fill out the form.  If in the form you are required to have a state tax identification number (because in some instances you are not required), please obtain that number before coming to the Show.  You can call the State Department of Revenue at (651) 282-5225 or you can go to their website at  If you have any questions, I cannot give you any information on how to fill out the form, please contact the State.

Minnesota Department of Revenue Operator’s Certificate

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